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Going for the Big Win in Your Organization

The win-to-win principle is always the best strategy for negotiating.

Any aspect of life that is consciously grounded favours its participants. The win-win approach is a modern version of the Nash Equilibrium, where cooperation would maximise both individual and group gain. In other words, the objective is to reach a fair and positive agreement for the parties. In this way, potential synergies are detected from which utility can be obtained.

Other characteristics of this approach are the reliability and durability of such agreements over time. Since both parties feel that they are making an equal contribution to each other, the level of trust and satisfaction increases, and the result of such negotiations forms the basis for many others in the future.

However, the factor that plays the most important role is the mindset. In other words, the parties must be permanently motivated to see each other as partners and not start to differentiate themselves by playing games of interests. Among other tactics, we point out;

  • Empathy: consider what the other party needs.
  • Goal-setting: making agreements conditional on the achievement of specific objectives.
  • Reciprocity: giving in exchange for something else.
  • Flexibility: being willing to accept unexpected changes.

Finally, it should be noted that the parties must share the information they possess and that this exchange will be the basis of the relationship, as well as the cause of an increase in the level of trust.

These tactics are not easy in international environments, but language, cultural and social barriers must be overcome if the WIN-TO-WIN approach is to be applied.