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A Global Team, a Professional Attitude

Our team is the backbone of our business. We’re grateful to have a diverse group of multilingual professionals with different specialties and backgrounds, all working together to deliver valuable services that we’re truly passionate about. This diversity enables us to better understand the needs of our clients. At Dynamic Brands, we pride ourselves on being the go-to consulting firm for guiding and supporting the international growth of SMEs, national and international public organizations, and associations. Get to know the team that’s here to support you!

Irene Mata


Bachelor’s degree holder in Economics and Business Studies, specializing in international business development and fluent in multiple languages. She leads the company using a horizontal structure, where she oversees the overall operation of each project. Within this collaborative environment, she empowers our team of experts, ensuring each member utilizes their specialized skills to drive success in their respective areas.

Location: Headquarters in Zadar, Croatia

Nata?a Nikoli?

Senior International Business Developer

Master’s degree holder in Foreign Languages and Literatures and a polyglot. Seasoned international business developer with a focus on the markets of Croatia, Slovenia, and Montenegro. Specializes in partner selection, project presentation to prospective partners, development of commercial agendas, organization of trade missions and events, as well as translation and interpreting services.

Location: Budva, Montenegro

Paulo Franzini

Senior International Business Developer

Bringing 15 years of experience, he boasts an intimate familiarity with the business landscape of the Balkans. His specialization lies in meticulously sourcing business partners, orchestrating and guiding trade missions. Renowned for his proficiency in curating impactful trade events and overseeing product tastings with finesse.

Location: Belgrade, Serbia

Beatriz Revilla

Manager of Tenders, Promotion, and Digitalization

Brings a wealth of experience as the recipient of the National Journalism Award and a seasoned digital entrepreneur for more than a decade. She specializes in fostering worldwide connections within the Spanish Community (both business and expats networking). With extensive experience managing diverse projects for international online promotion with companies and public entities in Spain, she is adept at navigating complex initiatives and lead innovative startups such as Mundo Spanish or SpainU.

Location: Valencia, España