Internationalisation services for companies

Consultancy specialising in international trade, internationalisation of companies and international business development.

All the tools your project needs to build a successful venture in the international arena

Identification of leads and creation of a commercial agenda adapted to your project

Creation and integral management of your commercial export department

We offer you the knowledge of great professionals with whom we work as a team.

Dynamic Brands is a company founded in 2020, composed of professionals with more than 10 years of experience in international trade.

We are based in Zadar, a Dalmatian city located in the central coastal area of Croatia. We have extensive experience in the markets of the Western Balkan area, the DAH area (German speaking countries) and of course Spain, my home country.

Our aim is to guide the development and international expansion of each user of international trade in a personalised way. Every year we are more and more involved in society, so we are increasing the number of activities related to corporate social responsibility.

Our vision is to provide companies and entrepreneurs with the right tools to develop their projects in the international sphere, helping them to establish solid business relationships in other countries in order to achieve greater global recognition and growth.

In our multicultural team, we are strongly committed to the success of our users, to focus our initiatives on generating social, environmental and economic value, as well as to generate high quality work with dignity and purpose.

~ Irene Calvo Mata, Managing Director



16:17 01 Jul 23
Dynamic Brands. Are a team of professionals. Experts in Foreign Trade. I recommend this Great Company to export its Products.They have the best advice to expand into countries like Croatia, German speaking countries, etc..... many more.
Ulysses 31Ulysses 31
20:12 05 Apr 23
Dynamic Brands is a consultancy that meets the three fundamental criteria for a company to receive the best advice on business expansion in the international market. The key to this consultancy lies in its "efficiency" to optimize your company's resources; the "effectiveness" so that you obtain the greatest benefits and the "efficiency" to value your product in the foreign market. In short, Dynamic Brands services are impeccable and of the highest quality. We can qualify its benefits as excellent for its clients. Congratulations to the magnificent team that has achieved such professional skills.
Avelina LuqueAvelina Luque
11:25 05 Apr 23
Very committed professional team. Services provided with excellence, very effective. Thanks for everything Irene. Keep in touch
Maria Gomez AguilarMaria Gomez Aguilar
07:16 11 Apr 22
The best ally to grow in European markets, with close and professional treatment, to reach the next level.
Mark Manski ViqueiraMark Manski Viqueira
18:47 10 Apr 22
Great professional, careful and detailed service. Highly recommended!
David GavilánDavid Gavilán
19:04 14 Sep 21
Highly qualified professionals with extensive experience in a multitude of markets. If you are thinking about the internationalization of your company, count on them.
Great team of professionals to develop and expand your business internationally.Highly recommended and with extensive experience in foreign trade.
They are agile, organized and very efficient, in fact they are the best. Totally recommended.They are agile, organized, and very efficient, in fact, they are the best.Totally recommended.
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