• export diagnosTIC

Analysis of the degree of connection between the service you demand, the structure of your company and the strategy you have defined in international markets.

  • Market analysis and selection

This service allows selecting the most appropriate market, so that the company establishes its commercial ties.

  • MARKET research

We can analyse any market in the world that you indicate and adapt it to the product or sector in which you need to analyse, compare or complete information.

  • Internationalization plan

This service generates a complete international development plan, adapted to the mission, vision and objectives of the company. The structure consists of: internal and external analysis, international marketing plan and economic planning.

  • INTERNATIONAL marketing plan

This is a document to assess the feasibility of the project and to avoid risks. It includes the action plans, strategies and marketing tactics created for a given foreign market.


This service offers support to companies to identify new business partners, which allow them to increase sales in a given market, or to locate new supplier partners, necessary for their supply chain.


We organise an agenda of virtual or face-to-face business meetings, individual or in groups. Meetings are arranged according to the company’s preferences. In case of face-to-face meetings, for some markets we offer on-site support.


Planning and organisation of travel and business meetings, together with the necessary reservations for the mission to run smoothly. For some markets, we offer personal assistance on all days and at all meetings of the trade mission.


We organize the    assistance of a    number of companies from one of our markets of influence to go to Spain at the invitation of Spanish                 producers and visit the companies.


Service of simultaneous translation during meetings with potential clients or other parties involved in the process. Translations of specific documentation are also carried out.


We prepare your company’s attendance at trade fairs, exhibitions, business forums and other events, guaranteeing effective support in the planning and presence at the fair, agenda with visits and meetings with local companies.

  • MARKET TEST modality

This service is flexible and adapts to the situation of each user. We can start from scratch with a prior diagnosis and preparation of the necessary documents to begin internationalization, or start with an exploration of the existing opportunities for your product or service in the selected market. During the length of the service, we will be the international commercial expansion department of your company for said market or geographic area.


Based on the level of progress in the company’s internationalization strategy, the necessary resources will begin to develop the commercial expansion of your business, the number of employees equivalent to the challenge assumed will be incorporated and a person in charge of the market or geographical area will be assigned. Subsequently, as international business department, we will operate as a team integrated with the rest of the company’s departments.


  • International Supplier Optimization (ISO)

Service based on the identification of new suppliers in the Western Balkans, Hungary and Turkey. The objective is to optimize the purchase costs of the company or to achieve quality objectives or certain characteristics of the products. The service is  paid based on the degree of optimization achieved for our clients.

  • Legal advice

A team of expert lawyers with extensive experience offers you the legal advice that your company needs, on current regulations, so that your decisions comply with the law, both in Croatia and in Serbia.

  • Accounting and tax advice

A team of experienced and experienced lawyers offers you the legal advice your company needs on the regulations in force for your establishment in Croatia, as well as to ensure that your decisions are in accordance with the law. We also offer legal advice in Serbia.

  • Establishment in Croatia and Serbia

A team of expert lawyers with extensive experience, offers you the legal advice that your company needs, on current regulations, so that your decisions comply with the law both in Croatia and in Serbia.

  • Export academy

Our training offer includes all relevant subjects in international trade, such as logistics, international negotiation, marketing, international contracting, documentation, development of business tools, communication and international promotion, among others.

  • Spanish public sector

Through this service we help you to identify possible subsidies, programmes or competitions for which your company may be eligible. In addition, we manage the entire processing and monitoring process so that you can obtain them.

  • International Digital Marketing

This service allows you to position your company against the competition by developing a digital strategy, which includes the creation and design of the website, digital catalogues, the creation of a corporate image, the management of social media, the creation and management of an online shop and SEO and SEM positioning.

  • Ecommerce platform

We guide you through the procedure and the selection of the most suitable Marketplace for your project.

  • Certifications

In the field of certifications, we advise through consultants specialising in sustainable growth, on how to obtain BCorp certification. We also offer advise to obtain HALAL certification.

  • Cybersecurity in commercial relations

This service offers you the possibility to protect your e-mail communications, to protect yourself from the dangers of the Internet.

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