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The export offer

One of the fundamental aspects in the internationalisation process of a company is the revision and adaptation of the export offer.

One of the fundamental aspects in the internationalization process of a company is the revision and adaptation of the export offer. This will vary with respect to the domestic market and others where the company is already exporting. This adaptation will have to be incorporated into the comparative analysis for the selection of the most suitable target market. The result will show that in some markets we will be able to offer a greater number of product lines than in others, or that for a certain market fewer adaptations are required..

This is relevant, firstly because adapting a product or service usually involves a cost and secondly, because a budget will have to be established for this and even for the creation of a new product or service line.

Such adjustments will have to be made either at the component level or even in the elimination or replacement of products and services. Likewise, product presentation, packaging and the formats in which they will be offered will also have to be adjusted in most cases.

On the one hand, the characteristics of the distribution channels are taken into account, such as size, main actors, their relevance or the existence of specialized purchasing centers in the country. On the other hand, aspects such as tastes and preferences, the majority religion, the different uses and applications of the products or the degree of preference for their national products, among others.

In conclusion, the main reference point is the end customer, so these are important elements that can distort the reception and perception of our brand. However, if we market semi-finished or intermediate products or services, we will also have to consider the preferences of the other distribution channels.

The advantage of this adaptation process for a specific market is that you gain the value of experience and broaden your knowledge. Both of these factors will allow for greater acceptance of the brand in the new market, as well as to appreciate similarities between users in other markets. This occurs between countries that share geographical, historical or political aspects and in such cases it will be possible to reproduce an offer of similar composition.